We are glad to greed you at online portal dedicated to blackjack card counting methods - the most beneficial blackjack winning methods that are aimed increase your chances greatly even if you play at online casinos.
Here you are able to learn the rules of the game, basics of card counting and get to know about most famous card counters and their success stories.

If you have never played blackjack before, make use of Basic section, where you will find all necessary information to start the game. Here you will also find essential principles of card counting, which must be known by all the blackjack players. Learn two types of blackjack observation – balanced and unbalances, which will help you to determine further decisions. Pay attention to article devoted to the advantages and disadvantages of card counting methods. When you get acquainted with all the information, you may pass to more interesting part of blackjack – practicing games skills playing with your friends or free online applications.

Free online games is the best way to master gambling skills. The point is that you play real games, but do not pay money, so you do not risk of losing your cash. A lot of newbies start with practicing but very soon they became rather skilled players, who can start to play for money. All famous blackjack winners and authors of blackjack books started their career with practicing. This allowed them to understand all the games tricks and develop their own strategies to win.

We recommend you to get acquainted with the best books, written famous blackjack gamblers. There you will find explanations of all card counting methods, so you can clarify some aspects which can be not understood by you. Use knowledge of the brightest blackjack minds in your game!

You should also know that some people, including those who work at the casinos, think that card counting is a cheating method, usage of which may be the reason to drive you out from the casino. Though it is legal, be very careful while implementing it at traditional casino to be able to get your money and continue the game.

If you do not want to have problems with security at traditional casino, choose online casinos to play! You will find a good choice of blackjack game variations at any online casino you visit. Just make sure, that you have chosen the best place to play at! Check the reputation of your casino and the casino reviews sites!

CardCountings will help you to understand all principles of the most widely used strategy to beat the dealer at blackjack game! Read attentively all the information and we have no doubt that very soon you will play blackjack like a real master!

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Basics of card counting

Before you start using card counting you should learn the basics of this system. Starting with the values of cards and the basics of the method we will teach you how to win at land and blackjack online with the help of this winning method. Learn how to use your skills to win more cash and to not get caught. You should note however, that any secure online casino will try its best to detect and prevent such behavior.

Famous Card Counters

Edward O.Thorp

Edward Thorp is considered to be the father of card counting as he was the first one to describe this method in his book. Being a professional player he studied the game and made his name by teaching people how to count cards in casinos all over the world. Read more about father of card counting.

Ken Uston

Ken Uston is a very popular name among blackjack card counters. Find out more about this famous blackjack player and author of the first book on group card counting. Even if you are casino online player, you will still find the story of his life pretty amazing.

Bill Kaplan

Reveal the story of a famous player, team manager and master of disguise - Bill Kaplan. Though he was another successful blackjack player, he became famous for being a member and co-founder of a winning blackjack team well-known all over the world.