Card Counting Systems - Pro Et Contra

During the process of learning to count cards people may occur to hear quite different opinions about what system to use. It looks rather strange - regarding that all in all the principle is the same; just the difficulty varies from lower to higher level.

Actually if talking about advantages or disadvantages of card counting systems, the main thing which is worth talking about is comparing not the SYSTEMS of card counting, but METHODS of card counting, which is completely different.

The two main methods of card counting are single-handed counting and group card counting. Let's take a look at each of them closely.

Single-handed counting advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of counting single-handedly is that a counter, this way or that, takes control of the whole situation by himself. He counts and makes decision when to leave the table, he regulates the bet himself and it's he who is rewarded for his not really easy job by all the money he earned.

Among main disadvantages of this method are: high requests on conspiracy. Agree - it looks really suspicious when one man walks from one blackjack table to another, varies his bets from possible maximum to almost minimum, and all tables he plays with lose cash all in all. Those signs are easily noticeable by pit bosses, which always look after such luckies especially closely. Still, card counting is absolutely legal, but casinos don't consider it to be so.

Team card counting advantages and disadvantages

In team card counting the main method which is used is wonging, but it is modernized according to team-play needs. The advantages, however, are enormous: conspiracy is needed, but not in such a way like in a previous case, because the main feature which betrays a card counter is bet variation, and for a big player practically no bet variation is needed: he just comes to hot table and bets high at once, without bet adjustments. Therefore, he doesn't look like a card counter, and h cannot be banned from a casino because there are no substantial suspicions.

The disadvantages of group counting are: very high responsibility and counter's professionalism, because too high stakes are made by big player during the game. One mistake may lead to serious money loss. That's why it's always a difficult question to make up a team of card counters - because everything must be natural, and the players have to be not only good counters, but also good actors.

In the end of ends, it's up to everybody - what method to use, and we won't dare giving any more advice on the topic. Calculate all pluses and minuses and make your own decision.