Arnold Snyder - Big Name of Blackjack

Arnold Snyder is a world-famous author and blackjack player. He is a man of not really simple fate and life, because he didn't only struggle casinos by carrying away their money. A member of Blackjack Hall of Fame, elected to this famous institution for his priceless investments into blackjack game - his books, his advanced techniques and his whole life devoted to blackjack.

In fact such people like Arnold Snyder occur very rare. He is not just one of famous card counters; he is not one of ordinary blackjack players whose only wish is to become a money-sack. Not a little mouse which is afraid to say a word against casinos, because they may remember him and in the following make him some problems during his visits.

Snyder's character

Snyder himself is quite a calm and adequate person, not mentioning that he is really smart. During all his life from the beginning of his career he struggled for human's and player's rights in casinos which proceeded to ban card counters if they discovered or even suspected people to be ones.

Snyder won a lot of law victories and advocated quite a lot of people who had problems with casinos - and in most cases it was he who discovered the real nature of those problems and influenced majorly on court's opinion.

From 1981 he was the editor of Blackjack forum - the most popular journal which concerns blackjack and probably the most informative source of information about blackjack and gambling in general. Now it's edited online, and this is a really worth source to pay a visit to. During a lot of time Blackjack Forum gathered information about successful players; it contains interviews with most popular blackjack stars, a lot of arguing and info about card counting and many other useful info which is worth been read not only by a novice, but even by qualified professionals.

Snyder the Author

Here are a few books which should be read by all means, because they contain priceless info:

  • "Blackbelt in Blackjack: Playing 21 as a Martial Art" - great and apprehensive book for those who want to master the game of blackjack, but don't know what to start with. It consists of several parts, and is written for 3 levels of players: for novices, advanced players and professionals.
  • "The blackjack formula" - in this book such an essential question is raised and examined as deck penetration. Strongly advised for those who tend to play professionally.

By the way, for more great blackjack books see the section Books about card counting.


Today Arnold Snyder is keen on poker, which is his beloved game as well as blackjack is.