Bill Kaplan - MIT Overachiever

Bill Kaplan is known as an all-in-one master of blackjack. If you would probably need sometime a man who is: a manager, a professional card player, a team-leader, an actor, a master of disguise, a blackjack game coach, a headhunter, an author, an outstanding scholar athlete, a skilled recruiter, a master of group card counting and a wide lot of other diverse talents, Bill Kaplan would satisfy your request entirely and completely. And not only satisfy, but to make his job with the highest level of proficiency. Let's meet you to this unique person.

Blackjack as a start

From his student's years Bill Kaplan was eager to try out the blackjack strategy which he read about in one of Ken Uston's books about counting cards. After graduating from Harvard University with honors, Kaplan's plan were to continue his studies at Harvard business school, but the book about blackjack delayed making this decision true.

Bill decided to put off his entrance to business school. When he finished with his studies, he packed up and left for Vegas hoping to earn money by means of blackjack. In Vegas he took a few people who were rather advanced in blackjack, told them his own thoughts and techniques which he figured out when read the book and thought about it.

So this team began to play in casinos. The success was impressive, and Bill returned all the money he put into this adventure multiplied considerably. In a few years, however, the team split up and ceased its existence.


It was exactly that time when Bill Kaplan met J.P.Massar, who was the leader of MIT blackjack team on that time (more info about MIT blackjack team can be found in Famous card counting teams section). Massar, Kaplan and Johnny Chang during a long time were partners in team-play, team management and coaching new players which they were constantly looking for. But in fact the main person was Kaplan, as he executed the biggest part of constantly appearing problems.


Now Bill Kaplan is a rich and highly respected man, and he still succeeded in quite different from blackjack game business. This way or that, Bill still remains in the list of people who should be better just let, fed and entertained by casinos in case if they don't want to lose a huge amount of money. Actually, definite casinos do it exactly like this.