Blackjack Counting - Out of Harm's Way

The first and the only thing that must be remembered by players and casinos either - CARD COUNTING SYSTEMS ARE ABSOLUTELY LEGAL. There are no any laws or restrictions made which forbid card counting to be used by a player in any casino. This should be remembered by all means, and all the other details are part of this postulate.

But some details are very important, too. For example, card counting is legal when performed by a human being, NOT by a computer or any other device which was brought into a casino with a purpose of counting cards or any other purpose which includes helping a player to count cards while blackjack game. This is already considered to be cheating and is forbidden in casinos.

Also there is a common method frequently used by casinos: they propagate widely that card counting is illegal in US and those who are supposed to be card counters will be arrested by police if it appears that they really count cards. That's absolutely false but it does influence a huge amount of tourists which are not familiar to US laws. As a result they are afraid even to be suspected in card counting.

Also casinos believe that they really can save money in case of preventing card counters from playing in general. Whether it's true or false - we cannot know for sure, but one thing is absolutely true: those who are banned from casinos and all those casino countermeasures which imply banning people from blackjack tables, influence the overall opinion about casino themselves and blackjack in casinos in general. People become aware that they are forbidden to use their own brain while playing blackjack, and this makes the whole topic really gloomy - like "even if I try to count and to win - I'll be banned, and if I just play and have pleasure - I'll lose all my money, because I know that money are lost in blackjack if no proper counting and strategy used".

As a result - loss of money instead of gain.

One more thing which is rather important and quite lawful - and it's a widespread practice among a lot of casinos: according to the US laws, casino is a private property. An in the end of ends casinos decide who can enter the gambling house and who cannot, and in the process of gambling they may also decide to ban a card counter just because they want to do it. And this is rather sad - because there is no lawful decision which may secure a card counter from such a treat.