Card Counting Systems - Being as an Open Book

A man can already make a library out of all the books, articles and magazine stories written about blackjack. You can see a lot of them being sold out in any book-store. But are all of them worth reading?

As in many other subjects, there are a lot of books about blackjack which are not worth even being mentioned about, and in this section we'll deal with only those books which have really proven to be the best in the genre - by teaching numerous people playing blackjack, and those people's names are now read by us in a variety of popular blackjack sites and articles.

"Beat the dealer: a winning strategy for the game of 21",

Edward O. Thorp 1962.
The Bible for those, who are considered nowadays to be famous card counters. Contains all necessary information about card counting, its principles and many, many other useful info. The book which came through a trial by time.

"Professional Blackjack",

Stanford Wong, 1994. A book written by one of the blackjack legends and a famous card counting teams member. An author of a special method of blackjack play, which is considered to be extremely effective - wonging.

"Blackbelt in blackjack: playing 21 as a martial Art",

Arnold Snyder, 2005. One of the best blackjack books ever written. Consists of 3 parts: for novices, for advanced users and for professionals. Arnold Snyder is a living legend of blackjack and poker, one of the best blackjack players in the world.

"Play blackjack like the pros",

Kevin Blackwood,
2005. A comprehensive and practical book for those who don't want to waste their time reading useless papers. A lot of humor and priceless info about card counting strategies and systems.

"The theory of blackjack",

Peter Griffin,
1999. A great book, which is difficult to read but priceless with its contents. Everything you may need ever is included into it. Provides basis and advanced level for a wide range of readers.

"Million dollar blackjack",

Ken Uston,
1992. Probably the richest blackjack player in the history of the whole game, and this fact tells a lot by itself. A genuine player and card counter, a perfect team player, a real master of blackjack and a really good and apprehensive author who knows what an average beginning player wants and how he can reach it. One of the best blackjack books ever written.