Card Counting Manual - Train and Practice

A lot of people start training card counting techniques when they hear about the subject. They sometimes become really mad about it and tell everyone and everybody that in a month or two they will become real money-bags and start a kind of life that could be only been dreamt about. But a month or two passes, and nothing happens. They still are the same people and moreover, sometimes they become aggressive when they are asked questions like "What's wrong with you?" or "How's your card counting?" What's the reason?

In fact the reason is very simple: wrong training techniques. A lot of people don't actually realize the whole picture of the task: they just think that learning card counting is going to be something like a pleasant stroll. And when they encounter real card counting tasks they realize that everything is not that good as they thought first. So what is the real blackjack card counting training like?

The first steps

If you are a complete novice, the first thing you should deal with is knowledge of blackjack terms. Doubling down, insurance and hole card should not be unfamiliar to you. You should also know perfectly basic blackjack rules. That's the first things you should surely do.

Card counting basics

Get familiar to the term "card counting". Read about appearance and chronographs of card counting. This will help to understand the main ideas of the subject and to get known to famous card counters.

Choosing a system

To begin with, choose for yourself a card counting system which will be not really difficult to remember - for example, the Hi/Lo one - and proceed with it onwards until you feel that you really become confident in your strengths concerning this very subject.

Training itself

First of all, and the main - DON'T go to the real casino at once, hoping that knowledge of card values and basic strategy will help you to win money instantly and in huge amounts! Nowadays a lot of us have internet at home. This is the cheapest and rather effective way to train your skills in card counting without wasting money and time.

Real game

When you become proficient and confident enough - remember: real casino game is much more exciting that all of your previous trainings! Besides, casino has a lot of distractions - music, people, waitresses, dealer, lights - all this factors will prevent you from concentration on what matters most - keeping the right score.

These are the main principles which should be followed by while training card counting skills. It's also advisable to read Earnings and Bankroll section.