Card Counting - Legitimacy Issue

It looks rather weird and really strange, but sometimes even top-professional blackjack gurus have been arrested for cheating in blackjack. We won't tell their names, but those were guys who never could be thought of to do such a thing.

And in fact cheating is really bad thing to do and not worth it, and right now we'll prove you this simple postulate.

Here are some most popular ways to cheat in blackjack game, and beneath we'll get closer to some of them. NOTE: in this section all cheating methods which we are going to tell you about are listed on informational purpose. We don't encourage anyone to use cheating in any casino, because it's bad, amoral and you will have really big trouble with the law, as card cheating is a very serious thing and most card cheaters end their affairs in jail (please also see card counting and law section).

  • Hole-carding
  • Card marking
  • Card switching
  • Dealer bribery
  • Computer devices

Let's see the main details and principles of these methods (once more - we strongly don't recommend you to try this out).

Hole carding. This method is rather simple but effective: he implies watching in some way the dealer's second card, which is dealt face down. Once the cheater knows this, his chances become much more confident and he knows where to hit and where to stand. Usually it's done by the hidden cameras, which cheaters carry on their belts.

Card marking. This is a popular method which was used widely in the old times, but now it's rather difficult to use it because the cards are plastic and it's quite hard to make a sign on them which could be recognizable. Usually this trick was performed by long fingernails, which cheaters used for marking. The marked cards could be recognized easily when it happened to be a dealer's hole card.

Card switching. A usual method of cheating for those who are masters of sleight-of-hand. It includes changing places between the cards in your hand and in your sleeve, etc. Some masters can do it really unnoticeable for human's eye, but not for the cameras which are placed especially for such wonderful visitors, and watched steadily.

Dealer bribery. Such occasions happened, and rather often. But the main principle is that it's quite hard to bribe a dealer, because he's already bribed by casino. Besides dealers are also watched carefully, and in case casino spots them on helping players to win - they'll be in really big trouble and they perfectly know it.

Computer devices. Some players bring with them portable PCs, which is popular nowadays because the size of such devices is considerably reduced. These machines help players to make a right decision or whatever. We WARN YOU - it's illegal to bring to casino such devices, it's actually cheating and you'll get into big trouble if caught on using such a device in casino.

The last thing which we might tell you: cheating is not worth using it. Maybe, starting from the 60s, cheating was in some way actual, because ways of cheating developed and casinos were unaware of the latest ones. But now remember: all abovementioned ways of cheating are extremely well-known to casino security and they will spot you in a moment if you try to use some. For more info about blackjack earning better see the section called earnings and bankroll.