Casino Events Featuring Famous Card Counters

Blackjack card game is one of the most popular and wide-spread gambling activities ever. And it's an obvious fact that this game presents a great number of legendary players (this status is gained just because all of them were the card counters actually).

And without a doubt each gambling house keeps a special story at own disposal when one of these legends actually visit their establishment. The results of such visits were quite deplorable as a rule.

And now it's time for us to recollect some most unforgettable moments, facts and events in the history of the gambling world and its legendary players.

Firstly we are to mention the Edward O. Thorp's trip to a Reno, Nevada. The father of card counting has joined his forces with another player, Emmanuel Kimmel and decided to perform the Blackjack adventure using the card counting techniques. Thus Edward O. Thorp and his associate started with $10 000 bankroll and as a result double their money. It was the first time the card count method really brought in money for the person who used it.

Ken Uston is the next person for us to follow. He was a math genius with IQ of 169 points and in 1970's he won a great sum of money at the casinos all over the country. Lately the team of Ken Uston and his associates won thousands of dollars in Las Vegas and millions in Atlantic City before they were banned there.

Outstanding blackjack strategist Stanford Wong was actually the first person who beat the Continuous Shuffle Machine. The first such machine was introduced in Mirage and that time two pro teams following by Stanford Wong defeated the machine utterly and earned great deal of money. Since those times the Continuous Shuffle Machines had passed into history and had never been used at all.

The MIT team blackjack gurus are the last ones to mention as their activity is rather fresh and well recognizable. In the 1990's the MIT students occupy the Las Vegas casinos and went back home with millions of cash. They argue that impossible is nothing and that the hard-working person may really move the mountains.