Card Counting History Lesson

As it was already mentioned, the era of real card counting started from the name of Edward O. Thorp. This brilliant mathematician was a teacher at Massachusetts Institute of Technologies, where he taught students theory of probability and a few other subjects.

Edward Thorp

But one day he saw an article about card games and was pretty interested in it, because it explained that a man may mathematically calculate the probability of getting this or that card.

We cannot probably even imagine the amount of work which Edward has done over the subject. It is only known that after getting interested in blackjack he started a deep analysis of this game using his genuine knowledge of mathematics and theory of probability, an used a computer to work out the best strategy for blackjack.

The results of his studies developed into a book called "Playing blackjack to win", which was published in 1957. In 5 years the famous "Beat the dealer" was published and turned upside down all previous people's imaginations about blackjack and playing it.

The continuing

In fact after Edward Thorp's "Beat the dealer" card counting and its fans began to advance with seven-league strides. Card counting itself began to upgrade and become more up-to-date, because, especially after issuing the law which forbid casinos to ban card counters, the abovementioned casinos understood that the modifications in blackjack game should be made immediately.

And the changes were made - instead of traditional one or two decks in blackjack game 4, 6 and even 8 decks were introduced into the game, and the old card-counting systems had to be modernized according to new rules.

Blackjack teams

In the 70s appeared a lot of card-counting teams and it resulted in appearance of group card counting. The first teams were not really big, but after appearance and victorious lifeway of MIT blackjack team a lot of other famous card counting teams appeared.

Up-to-date card counting

During 80s and 90s group card counting was always at least one step ahead before casinos and their security. Though card counting was already absolutely legal, casinos still were rather harsh to those who seemed to be card counter. An d in the 90s and the beginning of the next millennium casinos already had a database of counters which were banned from all casinos and the only thing to do was to train new teams, what they did successfully since early 90s.

A big number of books were published which taught people to count cards. Evolution has not stopped and also online one can find sophisticated card counting trainers. Some of them became a real Bible for those who wanted to beat casinos in blackjack (more info about books can be found in books about card counting section).