Counting Cards in Blackjack - Explain Simply

We greet you on the first article of our site. In general it is made for those who want to perfect their knowledge in card games and blackjack in particular, but if you are a novice we'll speak a little about blackjack game itself and card counting as a part of the topic.


The game itself has a lot of names and rules variations. The matter is that earlier forms of blackjack refer to different countries and thus have quite a different origin. Such games as Vingt-et-un (an old French game), Thirty-one (originated in Italy) can be considered as blackjack ancestors, because of the related principles of game process and the aim of game.

During historical process blackjack differentiated itself from those games and became more alike on that one which we actually know nowadays. Today's classical blackjack has a set of basic blackjack rules, which are generally followed during the game. However, a lot of blackjack variations exist worldwide, due to player's needs and requirements. These variations are so multiple that we won't take them into consideration in this article. Mainly they don't differ from the original considerably, but have slight rules variations which don't influence the gambling process cardinally.

Card counting

Why is card counting referred to blackjack? There are a lot of other games which are not less adventurous than blackjack, and there is noе even a hint on card counting in them.

The answer is rather simple and at the same time serious: blackjack is NOT a game of pure luck like roulette or slots. In other words, for pure luck games the current game does not actually influence the events which are going to happen in next game.

Blackjack players often noticed definite occurrences which took place regularly during the process of the game: some cards that left the game, could increase or decrease player's chances of winning .

This seemed to be an amazingly simple conclusion that gave birth to a new strategy of winning at the game called Blackjack card counting, which spread rapidly during 20th century and in the second part of it and the beginning of the 21st one it became quite a popular and profitable kind of occupation - a card counter.

Now you own all necessary info to proceed with exploring card counting materials to become a master of blackjack.