Counter Wallets Disclosure

There are quite different facts about how much a card counter is able to earn per day, which he spent in casino. A lot of starting counters suppose that their earnings from the first days of their real casino game their skills will turn into a golden rain of dollars, which will spill on them continuously. This fixed idea comes to them due to their reading of literature about MIT team and other famous card counting teams.

Reality, however, is quite different. In fact, the first steps of even such geniuses of card counting like Arnold Snyder or Al Francesco were not that perfect as most people imagine. In the beginning of a professional gambler's career players must be ready for some difficulties which they'll have to overcome:

  • like being distracted during the game and all in all losing the right count and being unable to make out how to bet, and in fact losing control of the whole situation.
  • making mistakes in the process of counting, and as a result lose money because of the false odds appearing to be right

These are most common mistakes which are made during the game, and beneath we'll give you a bit of advice on how to avoid them. Concerning earnings - they wholly depend on player's patience, skills and concentration.

In general if a player has a 1% mathematical advantage over the dealer, in case of an average bet of 200$, he is going to win in general 2$ on one hand. In case of, for example, 40 hands per hour this number is going to be about 80$. Of course, it all depends on blackjack variation played and the skill of player.

For example, according to Kevin Blackwood, earnings of a good card counter may vary from 1/4 to 1/3 of the maximum bet he makes at the current game. He also says that in some days earnings could vary from +20.000 $ to -20.000$, and that is what a professional player has to be ready for.

Of course, these numbers are quite specific, because Blackwood himself when became a professional gambler made maximum bets about 1.000$, so it's understandable why odd winnings and losses were so huge. But this leads to definite things which should be remembered by any card counter which is going to become a successful one:

  • Always be aware of your bankroll, and in case it's not your day DON'T try to win all your money back by all means. It's better to go home, scan your mistakes and come next day ensured and armed with knowledge of where you were wrong last time.
  • It's better to split your daily bankroll into small bets, and always begin with minimum ones - in that case you won't be able to spend all your money just during a couple of hands; remember - the beginning of the game is always unpredictable, you may win and lose equally easily.
  • Always be sure that you have spare money, because you may sometimes lose all your bankroll, so don't take ALL your money into casino, or just an amount of money which you cannot afford yourself to lose.
  • In case you've been distracted by your emotions, losses or in case of total losing count it's always better to minimize the bet
  • Probably the main thing, which should be always remembered, is: know when you have to leave. Don't ever trust your intuition and luck. Treat the game like business, not like a game.

Those were simple principles, which should be remembered while you play blackjack. It's also preferable to train before playing real games, if you are a novice player. How to train you can see in Card counting training and practice section.