Edward O. Thorp - Card Counting Guru

In 1932 in Chicago was born a child, whose fate was to change the world for millions of people, create a science for those who liked to play card games and become a father and a legend for a few generations.

The boy's name was Edward Oakley Thorp. His most noticeable feature from the very childhood was that the boy loved mathematics. Naturally, when he grew up he continued referring his life to hard science.


In 1958 Edward Thorp received his Ph.D. in the Los Angeles University of California. From that time and until 1961 he worked as a mathematics professor at the MIT and starting from 1961 and to 1965 he worked in New Mexico State University as a mathematics professor either. After the abovementioned scientific job he proceeded with it in University of California in Irvine, and during those years worked as a mathematics professor from 1965 to 1977 and as a finance and mathematics professor from 1977 until 1982.


Once he read a book about blackjack and card counting (he was quite adult on that time), Edward Thorp was interested in it because of the mathematical calculations on which the whole subject based. Edward decided to make a thorough examination of the card counting theory, and that meant that a lot of time would be spent and a lot of work would be done.

Edward Thorp spent enormous amount of time in front of the IBM calculating machine, which was called IBM 704. He used it as a powerful tool for his researches and calculated the chances of winning probability based on the cards which left the game and on the upper card of the dealer.

All the results and sleepless nights of Professor Edward O. Thorp appeared in the book called "Beat the dealer", which was published in 1962. After publishing the book became a bestseller with a huge amount of readers and it even appeared in world's most famous magazines and no TV. Besides, for more info about the book see Books about card counting section.


Also Edward Thorp is famous for helping to work out along with Claude Shannon the first wearable computer which purpose was to help winning in roulette.

After amazing success in blackjack which enabled Edward Thorp to live happily and work over what he liked most of all - mathematics. After "Beat the dealer" Edward Thorp made a considerable research in stock market, where he proceeded and was extremely successful. He is one of the honorable members of Blackjack Hall of Fame, a top-level institution for famous card counters.