Card Counters - Big Names of Bright Persons

Nowadays there are not so much people who could be named really famous card counters. There are a lot of amateurs, but when it comes to real professionals who should be taken as an example, there are only a few dozens of them. In this section we'll meet with general info about those geniuses, and in the following ones we'll deal with each of them more thoroughly.

Edward O. Thorp

A man who figured out the laws of blackjack game, devoted a great part of his life to blackjack research and summed up all his explorations in one of the best blackjack books ever been written - "Beat the dealer". A great man with a humble lifestyle. Read more about Edward O. Thorp in his section.

If you remember the card values the odds of counting out next card are pretty helpful and seem to be not so hard, especially when it is 16 10’s in a 52 cards deck, but not much if there is more than one deck on the table.

Ken Uston

Anyone who ever heard about people in blackjack knows Ken Uston - a top professional gambler who always was a few steps ahead of the casinos and who was a real disaster for them - he and his genuine team raided casino worldwide and lived a king's life until they got tired of it. Read more about Ken Uston in the corresponding section.

Player keeps tracking not only his\her cards, but the dealer’s and other players’ cards as well. The less number of cards left in the shoe the more precise counting becomes.

Stanford Wong

An inventor of tremendously popular method of card counting - wonging. Highest level of proficiency made him one of the most feared men in casinos worldwide. Read about Stanford Wong and his life in his section.

If the player counted and knows which are the next cards he\she can, for example, increase the bets before the cards are dealt, or double down during the game with no risk. Or even predict the blackjack.

Bill Kaplan

A man whose face was a sign of a great loss of money for casinos. Not just a professional with blackjack-way-thinking mind, but a wonderful actor, organizer, manager, trainer and promoter all-in-one. A unique person whose name became a legend; a captain of the most successful blackjack team in the history of this card game. A manager of a few more successful teams throughout the history of card counting in general. Read more info about Bill Kaplan in corresponding section.

The real advantage over the house that gives you the card counting is only up to 2%, and is best used before shuffling of the deck when there are just a few cards left in the shoe, so they can be predicted.

Arnold Snyder

A blackjack and poker champion, whose name is known and heard nearly on any really big event connected with card games. A trainer and a player in one person, and both extremely successful. Read more about Arnold Snyder in corresponding section.

There is a variety of card counting strategy likeBack Counting, Hi Lo Counting, Group counting and many others! But don’t be too thrilled, if you think after you will learn how to use those you will be unbeatable in blackjack.

Al Francesco

Al Francesco is a man who is considered to be a founder of group card counting in that very aspect which we consider to see it nowadays. He invented a lot of useful and extraordinary ways to pretend being not a card counter when you actually count cards. For more info about Al Francesco read an article about him.

One of the main blackjack tips is to tip the dealer. Be nice and generous with the dealer, and he\she will be the same with you!