Card Count Team Playing

During the history of card counting a lot of card counting teams were formed in order to earn money more proficiently. Some of them were continuous and profitable for all participants, and some were complete losses for those who decided to invest money in them, and failed in such a way that world does not remember even their names. We'll speak chiefly about those ones who made the world remember the team's name, and not only the team's, but also a name of the famous card counters who took part in all events. The first and the most popular blackjack team, which is now considered to be legendary, is

MIT blackjack team

In the beginning of 1979 at Massachusetts Institute of Technologies a few students decided to try out the way of playing blackjack which they were taught during the course called "How to gamble if you have to". Headed by one of their professors, J.P.Massar, they tried to take over the casino, but failed. Due to the fail a lot of people left the team, but still two members who believed that blackjack can be beaten remained.

In a period of time J.P.Massar met Bill Kaplan, who appeared to be a master in making and managing card counting teams. After just one common visit to casino Kaplan discovered the cause of disasters which followed the team from the beginning - everybody was counting cards in a different way. Kaplan entered a new common system of card counting, began to train participants sharply and in a short period of time MIT blackjack team was already raiding casinos, clearing out the money with means of blackjack. Up to 1992 year different players came and left, and no one left without money.

Reptiles and Amphibians

Starting from 1990s the MIT team transformed into 2 teams which acted independently - Amphibians and Reptiles. They were led by a few blackjack kings like Semyon Dukach, and Manlio Lopez together with Wes Atamian. Those teams were most feared blackjack teams on that time; they were top-class professionals who earned money with their skills, charm and brain.

The Czechs

A famous team which travelled along European countries and earned money on blackjack gambling. One of their famous team members was Cathy Hubert, one of the most known women in blackjack and poker world.

Al Francesco team

One more professional blackjack-playing team was organize by Al Francesco, a man who in fact invented and perfected tem-play in general. The team earned huge money during its existence, using their extraordinary blackjack skills.