Team Work Counting

A lot of books and articles have been written about group card counting, and there is a lot behind that. Group card counting is considered to be probably most profitable kind of one in all its history. A lot of card counting teams were created and managed from 1970s till 2000 year. The majority of them consisted of professional gamblers, who once met together and either read or understood that much bigger money may be earned in blackjack when it's played in company and simultaneously, when players help each another. All famous card counting teams were well-organized and cooperated in the process of playing.

Team-play in action

In whole principles of team gameplay are rather simple, and they remind of a card counting method called "wonging".

The only difference is that in wonging only one player is available to count cards and to wong in, but in group card counting everything is much better:

A few players-counters disperse randomly in casino and play blackjack simultaneously on different blackjack tables, betting minimum stakes. At the same time they count cards sharply, and when the odds are fully favorable to them, they make a secret sign to the "big player", who has a rest waiting for abovementioned sign.

When he sees it he comes up to the "hot" table and makes huge bets at once, probably maximum permitted. As the score favors him he wins money until the score goes down and down, at the same time watching sharply for other player's signs.

As soon as he sees the secret sign, he leaves the emptied table and goes for the next one. In this way the overall process may go on as long as the situation permits: famous teams left casinos with huge amount of money sometimes.

The advantages of this method are enormous: it's much harder to figure out all participants, because there are quite a lot of them and they disguise their selves considerably. The Big Player appears to be just a money-sack who is lucky today. It's also comfortable to play high bets without breaking to the process of counting.

The disadvantages also exist: there is a need to divide in a right way all money won (well, it's probably not the worst one), to have accurate players in team (if not - the Big Player may get into trouble by losing huge bets), and to hide the whole scheme from pit bosses.