Card Counters Detection Devices

When anyone enters a casino he must always remember that all the territory of the building is watched carefully. Of course this doesn't mean that all people must be constantly aware and afraid that now, at this moment, the "eye in the sky" is watching them - this would cause catastrophic collapse of casino attendance, because mainly people come here to relax, have a rest, forget about problems for some time and just have pleasure, and they don't actually always think that the staff watches them.

But those are ordinary people, - card counters are different. They must always remember that during all their play they have to keep a way of behavior which cannot hint casino stuff that in real they are CARD COUNTERS - eternal enemies of the whole casino system.

A card counter must always remember: his behavior is his friend and his enemy. This means that in order of not to be detected as a card counter, one must behave absolutely naturally:

  • You mustn't watch carefully cards with a tense face and an expression of hard thinking on your brow - you will bust to the staff in a moment, because they are trained good and they recognize card counters even by the way they look.
  • Always keep count and do some things which people usually do when feeling relaxed and in a good mood - flirt with waitresses, speak to players standing nearby, speak to the dealer and learn to look relaxed and good-natured, and at the same time you must keep a sharp count - this comes with practice and is not really easy.

These were some advice concerning behavior. Here are main tips which are used to detect you in the process of gaming:

  • The first and the main: considerable difference between the bets during the game. This is a really suspicious feature that always makes dealers and pit bosses alert.
  • Making large bets in the end of shoe - usually indicates a high true counts which implies casino money loss.
  • Table hopping: when a player frequently changes tables and varies bets on them, it is very attractive and warning; don't go to play another table when you have just left current one - go have a drink, maybe play a couple of other games betting small - this will make suspicions less intense.
  • Very few people play perfect strategy, and card counters are among those who do it constantly. A very noticeable sign is as following: a man plays perfect basic strategy, then he suddenly changes it and plays some kind of unique one; and then he leaves the table. This will for sure alert pit bosses and you will be followed by personnel during all evening.

These are main tips which enable casinos to find card counters. It's also advisable to read casino countermeasures section as well as basics of card counting one.