Card Counting - Overcome the Obstacles

During the last maybe 50 years interest to the game of blackjack was growing constantly, mostly thanks to the books, the stories and lately - to the television, movies and the Internet. Especially on the Internet one can find tons of information about blackjack strategies and card counting, different interviews of blackjack gurus and quite a lot of other interesting info.

But is there so much truth in all that info found online? Where are all the bankrupted casinos which couldn't overcome the horrible flow of card-counting visitors? Where are multiple teams of group card counting masters, which terrorize casinos worldwide?

All those questions may interrupt you while studying card counting and decrease your wish to master card counting skills. Don't trust it, follow us and you will find out how to master card counting.

The players

Though really big amount of books have been written about blackjack strategies and card counting, you can hardly find those crowds of card counters which emptied the casinos after reading them. Of course, famous masters like Ken Uston or Bill Kaplan are not taken into consideration, because they have already proven their skills and there is no need to argue about them. It's because many people just leave their studies on this or that causes. They stop training and say it's too difficult and complicated.

A gambling profession

In fact getting a gambling profession is not as easy as it appears to be. It means that it's not enough to know basics of card counting and have a little practice at home and - voila! - you are a card counter ready to win big money.

The process of getting those specific skills is time-taking, money-taking and full of hidden obstacles. For example, it's very easy to lose at the first several times all money and leave casino full of despair with a decision never to come back. It's also easy to break your brains over complicated counting methods, as it often happens, and leave this idea behind for someone more skillful to follow, because it's impossible to learn and understand.


That's how it all goes. Moreover, it is possible that those who were going to become card counting wizards didn't spend just 1 more day to learning and practicing, and left the career of their life to someone else. It often happens.


Remember - if you decided to master card counting, you will. And nothing will stop you from doing it. Remember about your aim and go to it - work hard, because card counting seems simple to those who never encountered it. Follow instructions that we offer - and you will succeed.


This chapter is written for those who will encounter problems in the process of card counting studies. Don't put away your aim, work hard, and the results will come back to you. Don't forget about it and let it be your slogan during all the process of mastering.