Online Casinos - Virtual Card Counting

Card counting systems usage is a very effective tool for each card counter to master and use. We may also state that the blackjack card game and the card counting actually present the tight pair and are closely related no doubt. But what if we are speaking about the online casinos and its possible connection with card counting (which is considered to be the virtual by now)?

Thus we may affirm that the card counting systems usage is a quite popular and wide-spread method among the casino enthusiasts (especially the pros). Even though the gambling houses possess the serious restrictions and actually ban the card counters all over the world.

The main question for a player whether he/she can perform the card count techniques playing in online casinos or not. And do the online casinos re-shuffle the decks after each hand is played.

Actually we may state that several casinos do not shuffle-up the cards after each round. Some of them just possess the token penetration indicators. E.g. the Cryptologic casinos usually deal 2 decks out of 8 and only after that shuffles-up the whole eight decks in order to prevent card counting. The Stanley Acropolis uses 2 of 6 and employs the token rule as well.

At all events, technically it's rather hard to exploit the card counting techniques and thus get an advantage over the house. It is caused by enormous fluctuations of chances and thus it's impossible to conduct the persistent card counting process.

Thus you can't employ, for example blackjack counting, while you perform this game via the Internet. The online casinos use the counteractions against the cheaters and cancel out all the attempts to cheat online. So the only helpful tip for you is to use the basic blackjack strategy charts, which are legal for sure.

So there is no need to memorize all these charts and principles, they just can be launched in the browser window. And maybe it's even better for the players and gameplay itself. At least you know that playing in online casinos is free of cheating and only honest players share a playing table with you.