The List of Famous Card Counters

We have already dealt to a few popular blackjack persons, but it does not mean in any way that there are no other famous blackjack players who are worth being told about. Let's meat with each of them, at least, in short:

Tommy Hyland

Tom is considered to be one of the most successful blackjack players and team managers along with Bill Kaplan. His team during all the period of its existence won millions of dollars per year from all the casinos they paid their visits to. Also Tommy Hyland is a popular advocate for those who had some problems with casinos, and won a lot of legal victories against casinos.

Peter Griffin

Professor Peter Griffin was probably the best blackjack theoretic ever occurred. His first love was the mathematics, as he admitted himself, but he got so involved in blackjack that it made him to make some deep research which resulted in the book called "Theory of Blackjack". A great read and practical guide for those who are indifferent to blackjack. Peter was not a practical gambler himself, and still he was a scientist and a real player in his heart.

Max Rubin

Max is known as a showman and a blackjack expert who is always aware of all events in gambling world. He is also a host of annual Blackjack Ball, a top-level event for best blackjack players in the world. On this event members of Blackjack Hall of Fame are elected to this legendary position.

Lawrence Revere

This man is known for the famous book called "Playing blackjack as a business", which appeared to be a bestseller soon after its publishing. He is also known for his incredible proficiency in blackjack and for owning a casino where he also played as a dealer and was a pit boss.

Julian Braun

A programmer, who discovered secrets of blackjack while performing his job in IBM. After writing millions of signs which were tending to be computer blackjack versions, he understood clearly the principles of this game and card counting in particular. Later he wrote a book about it.

James Grosjean

This blackjack player is famous for his books and articles, and also for his legal victories in court which he won with enviable stability. A very skilled player and student, who made his career on blackjack and victories over casinos.

All in all, there are really a lot of people to remember. A lot of them are now not only blackjack players, but also famous authors (see Books about card counting section), and businessmen.