Player and Casino - Knot of Contradictions

In the previous section we spoke a lot about how casinos may interfere in the game of blackjack or even entirely prevent card counters to perform their game and earn money. Those methods are legal and illegal at the same time - because of the opposite positions of the player and casino. This looks in the following way:

  • The player knows how to count cards. He spent a lot of time on the subject and now he wants to turn his skills into money. In fact his time and strengths he spent on learning to count card are his capital, his investments, and now he wants to take his investments back with some percentage, which is quite normal. He comes to a casino and plays blackjack, as anyone else can do freely, because casino is open and offers blackjack to play - though it perfectly knows that blackjack is beatable by a skilled player. He does not cheat, he does not do anything illegal and unfair - just uses his brain which is given to him by nature.

The casinos have just the opposite point of view, and in fact when if you imagine yourself a casino owner and think a bit, you will understand that their policy is absolutely logical and consequent, though a bit unfair:

  • The casino is opened with one purpose: to bring money to its owner. As far as the majority of players are not card counters, casino gladly offers blackjack to be played because when played by a simple player (even if uses the basic strategy) it is not beatable and all in all player loses his money. But here comes a know-all who thinks he's the smartest one - and wants to take casino's money which was won in the fair blackjack game! How can casino afford such a robbery?!

As a result the card counter is banned. Some of the famous card counters were even put into a special book, casinos took their photos and exchanged between themselves, which is in fact not that really fair, too. Such methods are wide-spread now, though they are illegal, but nothing really serious happens to casino owners because such info never comes out from the establishments.

If to speak frankly, we don't think that anything will change in the future, because people's nature doesn't change, and if so - nothing changes in the policy of either casinos or other money-brining establishments. If you want to be ready for the casino countermeasures it's strongly advisable to read the article.