Stanford Wong - The Great Strategist

The real name of Stanford Wong is John Ferguson. But he used this pen-name for commercial purposes when writing his books, and there were quite a lot of them, and also a lot of articles in magazines, interviews and a lot of other blackjack-related materials, including his own method of winning in blackjack called wonging. Let's deal closer to the famous author and player, and find out why he became such a popular figure in blackjack and literature.

All people are used to the name of Stanford Wong, so we'll also forget about his real name and call in the way he has chosen on his own. Stanford Wong was born in 1943, and from his early childhood he played blackjack and many other games very effectively, because despite of the age Stanford was already a very smart boy.

He worked in a few different universities and didn't ever leave the dream to earn money with what he liked most of all - games, and blackjack in particular.


Stanford was already a good card counter and often used to play blackjack in casinos. And one of his lovely tricks which he used rather often was the following: he just stood in near the table not actually playing - just watching different people who played blackjack, but in his head he didn't switch off the counter and when he saw that the situation was really favorable - he jumped (or "wonged in") into the game and therefore he was not afraid to bet high, because he was sure that the odds were favorable.

Blackjack Analyzer

Stanford Wong is one of the first blackjack software developers. His program called "Blackjack Analyzer" is among first prototypes of such software in general, and is created for use on personal computers and calculating out the odds of winning in this or that case.

Nowadays Stanford Wong has his own publishing house, called Pee Yee Press. He is a very popular person on TV, and a lot of books and articles have been written by him on blackjack topics. Also Stanford is extremely famous for his "Professional Blackjack", first published in 1975 and is still in print.

Stanford Wong is a member of Blackjack Hall of Fame, a famous institution which consists of several top-rank famous card counters. He is always glad to play a few hands of blackjack and is faithful to his first love - mathematics in real life.