Wonging - Stanford Wong Tribute

In this chapter we are going to meet a kind of card counting which is worth individual description. It appears to be so simple and at the same time cunning that it has been employed for a long time by various card counters both in group card counting and individual play.


The author of this card counting method is Stanford Wong, a genuine blackjack player and writer of multiple books and articles about blackjack. He is a professional blackjack player also and is still supposed to be one of the best card counters in the world. He even was chosen as one of the members of the legendary Blackjack Hall of Fame - a top level institution for the best blackjack players in the world. This way or that, Stanford Wong is a legendary name and the card counting method which he invented is really unique and very hard to be detected.

The appearance

When Stanford was no a professional blackjack player yet, he used to walk in casinos, make small bets and train his card counting skills. They were not perfect, and he sometimes just stood nearby blackjack tables and watched the game of other people.

During this process he, not playing himself, continued to count cards automatically and automatically either found out unique situations which were very profitable for the gambling player and absolutely crashing for the dealer.

And once he couldn't overcome the temptation and joined the game where player's chances were really high. He did it again and again, and in the end of ends he made it his own secret of winning in blackjack - to spring in when the chances are favorable.

Wonging card counting system

After publishing the book where Stanford described his method, it became greatly popular. The principle was plain, easy and money-sparing:

  • A card counter walks the casino, not playing, but just having fun and drinking something. Sometimes he comes up to tables and watches the game of people who stand in front of it. The problem is that, looking relaxed, he counts cards in his brain intensively and accurately.
  • When the count is becoming really favorable, card counter "wongs in" into the game, and here he is not afraid to make big bets at once, because he already knows that the odds are on his side. The charm is that it doesn't depend on what kind of system you use to count cards - you are not distracted, and you don't waste your money for vain.

However, some casinos understood the danger of this method and added an option to blackjack rules, which restricted players from joining the current game until the new one began and the decks were shuffled.